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I am a professional holistic therapist, shaman witch, healer and artist, proud to offer a wide range of modalities and services that facilitate in mind-body-soul healing, for balance, connection, awakening and ascension!

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Divine love, light, truth and wisdom.

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What I offer...


Akashic Records

I am a trained Akashic Records reader. My readings focus on discovery of self, and I offer reports that include;

  • Starseed soul group

  • Energetic centre of training

  • Soul path and purpose

  • Archetypes and lessons

  • Past lives and karmic residues.

Who I am...


Hello you! 

I'm Souldahra, I'm a healer, witch, empath, shaman, therapist, artist... there are many titles I can go by!

So much so, I  found it hard to be able to describe who I am and what I do with just one title. 

That was until recently, I realised the best word to describe me is


I nurture, cherish, comfort, heal. I hold space, my room is my womb, and I have so much unconditional love and guidance to bestow upon YOU- precious soul!

I specialise in overcoming trauma, fears and doubts in order to empower your spirit, connecting you to your highest self, path and purpose!

The diverse nature of my work and trainings ensures that I can facilitate your growth, healing and transformation through mind, body and soul! 

Here I can hold your hand every step of the way, helping you to discover your strengths and develop courage and confidence. Here, I nurture you, celebrate you, bathe you in the divine energies of love, light, truth and wisdom!

Something new...

Choose from 26 different decks- Each deck has a unique style and spread!

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Choose your own deck-
Tarot & Oracle readings

Words from the heart...

Shadow on the Wall

Sheila Evangelina

"Thank you so much for your beautiful work. So much of that reading resonates with me. There where parts where I’m like “is she in my head!” while reading. My favorite part of the reading was sharing space with you! Our follow up call was fantastic and brought clarity and validation to my questions, which weren’t many since the PDF is so detailed, easy to read and very well explained."


Jaden Skiba

"Wow, just. Wow. I read this with tears welling up in my eyes.

This reading was very meaningful and impactful for me, I felt it in the depths of my soul. Thank you so much for this reading, you have no idea how much I needed this. :))"


C. Vasille

"This confirmed a few things for me and has made making some choices which have arisen recently a lot easier. I have a few friends who will be contacting you for readings of their own! I over the moon with everything, and its given me so much clarity and direction on where I'm at and where I'm going on my spiritual journey. I feel like your report is so much more concise and relevant compared to many others who I looked at using. "


Pamir K.

Soul has blew me away with what she had provided me with. It definitely opened my eyes & made me see things from a different point of view. I didn’t know that I needed to meet her & receive this reading!
I would 100% recommend booking with her. This was my first ever reading with anyone really.. It was worth the buck!
You’ll be quite fascinated by her with your readings. You’ll want more & more readings as do I. 



Bryan D.

"WOW. You don’t know how much i resonated with this I’m drawn to everything you’ve described in this reading. it opened my eyes so much!

I thank you so much for this really and I will be referring my friends and family to you as well. Thank you for connecting with me i am very grateful!!"

Words from the soul...

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