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Holistic Therapist and Artist

Based in Chinchilla, QLD

Psychic, Empath, Witch, Healer, Shaman, Therapist, Mother, Artist, Blueprinter, Human.


A Bit About Me

I'm 28 years old, a mum of two boys (ages 6 and 3), and I live in a small rural town of Queensland, Australia.

I am a Taurus sun sign, Aries rising sign and Capricorn moon sign, this makes me extremely grounded, very stubborn, or as i prefer, "strong-willed", it also makes me loyal, giving and passionate. 

My journey began in my teenage years, I was completely overwhelmed by the questions of "why do we exist?" "what are we here for?". It wasn't until my early twenties, after my fair share of heart-break and trauma, that I actively sought the answers to those questions.

Branded a "know-it-all" from a young age I loved to read, and learn, and so now, at nearly 30 I have accumulated quite the collection of skills and tools that allow me to practice the Holistic health and therapies that I now offer!

And like the cliché Empath, It brings me so much joy to bring light and understanding to others, just like you! I love helping others, and I'm especially fond of those asking life's big questions!

I mean, I definitely don't have all the answers (no-one truly does), but like the divine Mother archetype, I love unconditionally, I offer you space, respite, compassion, while gently guiding you towards the only truth that you need to know- the truth that's within you, and your soul!

Study, Trainings & Accreditation



Bachelor of Psychological Sciences

In March of 2022 I begin my Bachelor degree, I hope to integrate more "clinical" therapies into my spiritual work.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-linguistical programming

I began these courses in early 2021. These Therapies will help me to work with Trauma survivors, and curate proven to work, psychotherapies.

Art Therapy

As an artist I look forward to encouraging creativity for mental and spiritual health! I am looking to begin group sessions for this.

Life coaching

in early 2021 I studied Life coaching, this began my deep dive into more "clinical" therapy and psychotherapy.

Spiritual Coaching

This has taught me how to guide others on their own spiritual paths.

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is the use of frequencies and vibrations to create "resonance" in the body, different frequencies corelate to different organs and bodily functions.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals create their own unique vibrations and frequencies, much like sound, each frequency resonates for different ailments, helping the body to shift into alignment!

Biofield tuning

This training taught me the use of tuning forks to "read" the energetic body, this teaches the layers of the subtle body and how trauma and memories are kept in different layers, how to bring them out and transmute them.

Akashic Records

In 2020 I began my training in Akashic Record reading, my studies are still continuing with this as I am preparing to create an Ebook on the starseeds!


I trained in Druidic Shamanism and learnt the skills of "journeying". With the use of my shamanic drum, I facilitate a trance- like state, so that you can journey through soul, animal and fragment retrievals.


Reiki and energy training

The beginnings of my trainings in energy work where all about understanding the principles of energy, telling the difference between mine and others, and using life-force (chi) to influence and balance. I have studied level I, II and Masters of Usui Reiki.

Tarot and Oracle card readings

I began my journey learning how to read cards, and give readings to others. This is pinnacle to my understanding as this taught me the foundations in symbols, synchronicities, guides, angel, and psychic gifts

Psychic skills and development

I studied what it means to be psychic, what is energy, how does it all work!


The beginning of my spiritual awakening took me down the path of the witches. My personal path is as a solitary witch and my practices are very Pagan in ritual- Pagan being the "Earth Religion". This means I work with Earth energy- elementals, crystals, herbs, animal spirits and Mother Earth herself.

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