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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an ephemeral and divine library of all information of Earth, The Universe and our souls. This has been known throughout history as the library or stream of consciousness, The hall of knowledge, The book of life as well as many other variations through many cultures! 

The Akashics are open for all to access, contrary to popular belief there is no need for "initiation" or "attunement", however when faced with infinite possibilities, it is necessary to have a structure and to plan the right questions to ask!

My main intention as an Akashic record reader is to connect you with your soul origin and life plan/purpose of this current lifetime. A complete report will include your souls essence and purpose, a look at what patterns, archetypes and lessons are present in your past lives, and then look at what archetypes, lessons and energies make up your purpose of this life, and also what guides, teachers or angels make up your current spiritual team.


Souls Energetic Centre

Your Souls Energetic centre is a specific energy your soul has embodied in order to train in. This is the core of who you are,  everything you think, feel and do is based on this energy.

Your soul brings this to earth in order to learn, explore and grow in every single aspect of this energy.

There are 8 centres all up and each centre relates to the 7 main chakras (including the soul star chakra). Each centre is governed or trained by an archangel.

Your souls ultimate goal is to master this energy in all of its expressions- positive, negative and neutral.

The 8 centres are-

  • Creation

  • Wisdom

  • Truth

  • Power

  • Compassion

  • Self-Expression

  • Order

Your report includes a complete breakdown of this Centre, and how it influences who you are, your soul purpose and souls expression.

Starseed Soul Group Origin

This is the first planet or realm your soul ever experienced!

Here on Earth, about 28% of the population are Starseed beings! The other 72%  are what we call ‘Earth souls’. This means that they have only ever experienced incarnation here in this world, and within the Earth Matrix. 

Your souls origin defines your personality, purpose, identity, strengths, weaknesses, soul purpose and mission, it can even impact your appearance!

You will have 1 main soul group of origination and some souls will have a secondary group that has a significant influence on who you are! If you have a secondary group I will include it in your report.

Their are about 30 different groups that I have information on, and I am still researching into more groups and subgroups!

for a complete list- check here.

Some of the most common groups I have read for are-

  • Blueprinters (there are 6 BP sub-groups)

  • Mission Realm (Andromeda)

  • Pleiades

  • Sirius

  • Arcturus

  • Mintaka

  • Maldec

  • Hadar

  • Lyra

  • Orion


Soul Archetype/Lessons

Introduced by famous Psychologist Carl Jung, Archetypes are universal, intrinsic model of personalities that define a key type of behaviours and personalities.

Examples of Archetypes used in the report-

  • Mentor/ Teacher

  • Guardian

  • Maiden/Mother/Crone

  • Creator

  • Sage/wise one

  • Alchemist

  • Seeker

The types of lessons used in this report are defined by expansion of self, and spiritual enlightenment, looking at what you need to confront, overcome or better understand.

some examples-

  • Giving

  • Abundance

  • Belonging

  • Boundaries

  • Possibility

  • Empowerment

  • Self-love

  • Inner Authority.

For this report, I only include current lessons and archetypes, those that match your energy of right now, as these energies will change as you grow. I look at these elements for your personal/spiritual development, career and relationships/external expressions.


Soul Purpose/Mission

One thing that sets those who are "awakened" apart from those yet to awaken, is an undeniable sense of soul purpose.

The idea that there is more to life, more to you, is what has found you here, and now!

To understand your purpose, you must first know that there is not 1 set mission for your entire life, for most we have several or our purpose falls under the umbrella of our energetic centre, and soul lessons.

We have 3 main "areas" of purpose.

  • Experience

  • Lesson

  • Guidance/support


With in these are all forms of soul roles, jobs and tasks. In this report I explore the purpose of your soul, in several aspects, so that you will see that your soul is multi-faceted and flowing.

For your curiosity, some of the most common roles/lessons/missions that I have read for are-

  • Healer

  • Teaching/Mentoring

  • Leadership

  • Path Worker

  • Cause fighter

  • Awakener / Activator

  • Way-shower

  • Liberator

  • Storyteller

  • Engineer/Technician

Important Information...

You will receive your report in written format as a Word document, sent via the email you provide at time of booking.

Full Akashic reports are no less than 17 pages long, packed full of transformative information! Mini reports come in at around 5 pages 

What I need to complete your report-

  • Date of birth

  • Full name

  • Full name at birth (for married names)

  • Place of birth

  • photo if you desire- but not necessary

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