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Image by Meriç Dağlı

Blueprint Codes

Blueprint Codes are an energetic resonance of light. Otherwise known as lightlanguage, lightcodes or DNA codes, codes represent your essence in artistic form. Just as binary code is 1's and 0's or dots and dashes- codes are made up of lines and circles, their form comes from the universe, like the way sacred geometry is found all throughout Earth and the universe!

Anyone can access codes, they are ingrained in the very structure of our DNA! I am a Blueprint starseed soul, and so my codes come from my innate connection to the very design- the blueprint of our Earth, our mother- LOVE, and her connection to the father sun- LIGHT. and I share with you, this energy in the way it presents itself to me- a series of lines and circles that merge in a cohesive dance of love, light, truth and wisdom.

Once you receive your code, it is yours to use for any purpose you desire! it can be used as a Logo, Tattoo, Sigil, Meditation tool, Talisman, etc

Desert Mountains

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Higher Self

Essence Code

For this code I channel you at your highest expression. This is the part of you that holds your unique expression, the part of you who knows who you are at your essence and what you are capable of! Your Higher self is you in total alignment to the Universe, the you that is in total balance and alignment, aware of all your weaknesses and strengths, aware of your passions, your purpose your destiny!

This code captures your highest self in its pure essence, your code works as a talisman between you and this expression of your self, an active sigil of everything you aspire to be!


Intention Code

A personalised and unique code that captures the energy of any intention you desire.

  • Abundance

  • Strength

  • Courage

  • Self-love

  • Success

  • Joy

  • Boundaries

Your intention can be as generic or specific as you like!

Desert Mountains

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Desert Mountains

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Past, Present, Future

Alignment Code

One code for each aspect-

Past- who you were, what you've overcome.

Present- who you are, what you are facing.

Future- who you will be, what you will achieve.

These 3 codes not only help you to understand your path but they honour your process! Because of this these codes can be deeply healing for those who have dealt with much in their past!

These codes have the intention of aligning you to your highest path and purpose.


Soul group Code

This code includes access to your akashic records for your Starseed soul group!

Your starseed code, works much like your higher self code- channelling the essence of your starseed soul in order to capture your unique beauty and identity!

Starseed codes connect you to your souls home and people as well as the mission and purpose of that group, allowing you to feel connected to your galactic heritage!

Desert Mountains

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Important information...

You will receive your code in high quality PNG and PDF files in 4x6 ratio. Please let me know if you need a specific file type or file ratio. Each code comes with a channelled intuitive reading about the energies your code embodies.


Once you receive your code, it is yours to use for any purpose you desire! it can be used as a

  • Logo

  • Tattoo

  • Sigil

  • Meditation tool

  • Talisman

  • etc

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