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Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapies

As of March 2022 I am studying a Bachelor of Psychological sciences that will allow me to provide clinical therapies, but before this I have trained in other therapeutic devices as below.

I believe that spiritual and mental health should be affordable so I am happy to offer free consultations as well as payment plans and packages.

For information on how to book see here.

To get in contact with me, visit here.

Spiritual Coaching

I offer sessions dedicated to spiritual growth and development, this can cover areas such as;

  • Psychic gifts- understanding and development

  • Meet your spirit guides

  • Witchcraft and spellwork

  • Empath survival tools

Talk Therapy

This is the most commonly known type of counselling or therapy. This is mostly a time for you to explore your emotions and feelings in a safe space.

I am trauma sensitive, open-minded and completely non-judgemental!

Talk therapy is extremely therapeutic, and i pride myself on being open and compassionate while still holding a professional space!

Art Therapy

Art therapy is as the name suggests, therapy through art. This training however can be incredibly useful and enlightening!

It is more than just painting/drawing your emotions etc. art therapy also uses some psychoanalytical skills to connect to the subconscious through specific prompts and techniques.

Such as the famous "house" drawings- when drawing the home we can relate many features to our internal aspects as well!

Starseed Coaching

I am more than happy to share my knowledge on the 23 Starseed groups as well as the Galactic history and origins of groups! 

This session is for those wanting to know more about not only their own Starseed group but a more in depth look at all the groups and how they interact!

Life coaching

While I do not use this training in the traditional sense, I still rely on many of the skills to assist in other therapies.

Life coaching is essentially a goal orientated program, the main focus is on discovering your skills, talents and abilities and then putting them into a practical plan so that you can obtain your goals and wishes.

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