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Energetic Healing Principles

Below is a description of each of the individual treatments I have trained in.

In a usual session I will call on my knowledge from several or all of these modalities, weaving them together with your own unique and individual energetic needs.

For any of my sessions, I dedicate my space and time to you and your needs, you can have as much input- requesting specific treatments or services, as you like. Or you can simply be present, while I allow my intuition and psychic gifts to tailor the session to the energies that present themselves at that time!

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Reiki Energy

Reiki is probably the most common and well-known of the energetic healing principles. This healing modality is relatively simple to explain-  Reiki meaning "higher consciousness" (Rei, and "life force" (Ki) is simply the transference of life force energy from the universal source of infinite energy, through the practitioner as a conduit, to the body of the recipient. 

But there's a reason this hands-on healing is so popular! 

Beneath the surface, Reiki is a very powerful pranic energy, just one session that lasts as short as 20 minutes can have long lasting affect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Activating energy flow that can alleviate pain, discomfort, fatigue and mental/emotional blockages.

Image by Dani Costelo

Crystal Therapy

Crystals have become widely popular amongst all sorts of people! Their energetic presence is undeniable whether you believe in their healing properties or just think they are "pretty rocks", crystals have been used for millennia and have a large impact on human life today. 

The vibrational frequencies of crystals have been scientifically proven, and like all things, energy is unequivocally the essence of all things!

The most important element to crystals, for me, is their link to our Earth Mother, it is from her heart and womb these crystals are unearthed.

In therapy, crystals are lain on and around the body, forming crystalline grids, to enhance, direct and balance the energetic fields of the 4 bodies!

Image by Jeremy Bishop

DNA Repair

DNA is the blueprint of the cell, if the DNA is damaged, it creates a negative chain-reaction to the surrounding cells. This is the same in which emotions are a chemical response. 

Your DNA holds the codes to all of your experiences, in this life and in past lives, it defines your entire physical structure.

It has been proven in physics that DNA reacts to Photons- Photons are found in Light particles.

Science has also proven that humans transmit light, so by creating a symbiotic relationship between two sources- the healer and the client, the DNA can be restored allowing the physical body to heal itself.

Such as a Band-Aid on an external wound offering a protective layer- this can be done energetically internally!

Image by Nicole Geri


Shadow work is becoming increasingly more popular as the love and light movement is coming to terms with the fact that it is essential we dive into our darkness in order to better understand our light!

Shadow work is essentially a self acknowledgement of accountability! This meaning that you can look at yourself- your whole self and say "I am solely responsible for my thoughts, feelings and actions".

This is important for those who have fell into the victimhood pattern of "its not my fault" or "the world is against me".

Shadow work doesn't have to be cruel and nasty though! It is mostly about offering yourself compassion and forgiveness, It is turning self-hate into acceptance and love, understanding that you are human, you make mistakes, you are not perfect, nobody is!

In terms of healing, a shadow work session will look like- me, the practitioner, finding the energetic block, and you, acknowledging that for there to be change, you are the one who must take responsibility and action., and then I am able to offer goals or tasks for you to complete to help this shift!

Image by Elia Pellegrini

Sound Therapy

At it's essence sound is vibrational frequencies, this is turn is the core principle of all energetic matter! 

The study of sound therapy is the understanding of which frequencies and vibrations work in harmony with the mind, body and spirit. The most relevant physical proof of how this works is the famous scientific studies of the impact certain frequencies have on the structure of water molecules. This is called "resonance", and shows water forming geometric shapes and patterns in response to sound waves.

Why is this relevant to sound therapy?

Well, the human body is made up of over 70% water, with water present in each and every cell in our structure!

Tune the body to the correct frequency just as you tune an instrument, and the body will play in cohesive harmony!


Cord Cutting

Its unclear what the exact origins of cord-cutting are, this practice of removing the energetic "tethers" of other people, places or things that are essentially draining you of your energy- is something that is more common amongst the Witch communities, and those practicing ancestral magick.

And while cord cutting can be achieved in spell work, as a healing practitioner, there is not a single session I have performed that has not included a cord-cutting of some sort.

WHat is essential to understand in this practice, is that it is not enough to just cut away the cord, it must be seared away at both the origin and within your own energy to discourage re-connection. 

As it is not always the other person or thing that holds on to you, quite often it is our own unwillingness to let go of a person or situation that allows them to stay connected to us!

Image by Cristofer Maximilian

Quantum Energy Healing

I have studied and trained in;

  • Clinical Apometry

  • Psychic Investigation

  • Forensic Healing

  • Quantum Healing


All of these have the same foundational principles- The body is made of energy, holds energy and responds to energy. All 4 methods, although slightly differing, are the practice of locating an energetic disturbance, shifting that disturbance and returning the energetic/subtle body to a harmonic state.

In reality this is the core belief to ALL holistic therapies, however, Quantum Physics is a more masculine-logical approach of investigating and applying therapy.

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Timeline Healing

Time- line healing is the healing of deep emotional traumas, wounds, fears  and triggers associated with;

  • childhood trauma

  • generational trauma

  • past life trauma

  • witches wound

With this practice we seek out the inner child, or soul self usually in meditative state or regressive state, in order to bring this trauma to the surface in a safe, purposeful way that allows you to bring love, light and forgiveness to this fragment of your self.

In most cases there are large mental blocks causing clouded or lost memory, this is where I, the practitioner, use my own intuition, to read your energy.

It is important to know that your consciousness will never allow you to be subjected to traumas you are not prepared to confront! This can mean you may not uncover or witness anything at this time, but this practice implements important pathways to allow your subconscious to prepare! And in time, you will achieve the release that is needed!

beautiful shamanic girl playing on shaman frame drum in the nature..jpg

Shamanic Practices

Arguably the oldest of all holistic practices, there is a reason why shamanic practices have been found in all cultures, countries and continents as far back as humans existed.

So what is Shamanism?

Contrary to popular belief, shamanism is not limited restricted to Native American practices, the word shamanism as it is known now, is an umbrella term that categorises all forms of medicine man/woman, wise one, healer, witch doctor, etc.

The practice and principle of a Shaman is EARTH healing, the shamans connection to the Earth, is why these practices are so highly regarded! 

Shamanic practices, otherwise known as "journeying" is an assisted trance-meditative state that is achieved through drumming, chanting and breathing techniques. 


*Many Shamans do use mind altering substances, but I am not trained in that specific practice.


Biofield Tuning

This modality is probably one of the most unique of all of my trainings. This practice is a blend of Quantum Healing and Sound Therapy.

What is unique to this practice is the use of tuning forks to comb over the body. 

This is one of my most used methods of healing, as I pick up on subtle shifts in frequencies in the tuning forks and "read" the energy field.

I use specific, fixed frequencies in my tuning forks- 528hz for DNA repair and 417hz for emotional healing.

This modality allows me to fine tune your energy , looking for minute cracks, fissures, build up and blockages.

The biofield is the outer layers of our aura, and this tuning focuses on the "ages" of these layers.

similar to how a tree has a ring for every year of its existence, so to does our energy, and so in Biofield tuning we can pinpoint the age of your trauma and where it is energetically held.

Image by Brooke Cagle

Distance Energy Healing

Quantum Physics has proven what is called "Quantum Entanglement" when 2 particles with the same Symbiotic relationship are separated and contained, regardless of the distance, the 2 particles will mirror their connection. 

A simple way to define "symbiotics" also known as "resonance", is the same principle as 2 women who are emotionally connected, having their menstrual cycle "sync up".

In essence, we are all connected at all times, just as the trees connect their roots through the Earths soil.

This is otherwise known as "Matrix".

This science proves that the "sending" of healing can be acheived no matter the distance, as long as the 2 parties have created a connection/energy exchange- meaning agreement and permissions.

I do not personally need a photo or physical item from you, as some practitioners do.

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Meditation & Regression

Both of these practices are based on the foundations of hypnosis- the phenomena of focused attention and retained awareness in a barely conscious state that allows the subconscious to open, nypassing our "monkey mind"- the loud chaotic part of our conciousness that is filled with our fears, worries, doubts, and insecurities.

Meditation therapy is the guided journey into the subconscious, using mental imagery to create psychically rich and profound scenes that help us better to connect to our innate self, and understand our purpose. 

This can be either an active form of transcendental journeying or inactive relaxation.

Regression is the purposeful practice of reaching the plain of subconscious memories. Here we access past lives, childhood and even future possibilities. regressions are popular as it puts you in the drivers seat, and allows you to witness  or experience your memories first hand through your minds eye.

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