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Probability vs Intention

For me the past 1-2 years my journey has been a deep reprogramming of past conditionings, beliefs and the way I view the world.

I feel like I've really done nothing, gone nowhere, yet my mind never stops questioning what is "truth" or reality and what is the matrix- otherwise known as the programming that keeps us quiet, structured and predictable (sheep).

The latest thing I have been exploring/ questioning is the idea of probability vs intention.

To explain this further, you're going to need a basic understating of one of the most famous philosophical questions of our time.

Schrodinger's cat. 🐈‍⬛ this question is based in quantum mechanics, and asks if you have a cat in a box with poison in a glass that will be released after a timer, if you never open the box lid to observe what happens, the cat is both alive and dead.

I think an easier way to explain this, is if you were to flip a coin, something that has 50/50 probability but don't look which way it lands, then the coin is stuck in what's called a state of superposition. The coin is both heads and tails at the exact same time.

This being, until the coin (cat) is observed of which you will find the answer has equal probability of being true.

I hope I haven't lost you, because this is important! 😅

So this explains what I mean by probability. So what about intention?

In the spiritual world you are taught intention is everything, your thoughts, feelings and actions dictate your reality. Meaning- if I think act and believe I am happy, rich, poor or sad, than that is what I am.

So I ask, in the case of the superposition, if my intention is that the coin will land on heads, or the cat will be alive, does this change the probability from 50/50?

No, it doesn't! Because this superposition is a state known as "zero-point". This is also known as "the void" this is the state of creation and death, where in it exists everything, yet nothing.

Now this all might sound a bit much, or even irrelevant, but hear me out.

We as humans with 4 separate body minds- spirit, emotions, mentality and physicality- we dance with this zero-point almost every moment of every day!

Right before we have a thought, action or feeling, there is nothing or there is everything. We are both positive and negative at all times- until we observe ourselves.

Once observed the state has to be fixed on something, this is where intention comes in, if you focus on the negative, a negative state will transfix... or positive, a positive state will transfix.

The other side of the coin with this observation I've made... 🙈

To put all this in a "physical" sense of manifestation/ intention. Say I have something I hope for, I take an action towards that, say this post for example- I want it to be received in a positive state. And from my observation it is positive.

But, for every other person that comes in to contact with this thing/ post, it is both positive/ negative at the same time UNTIL they observe it and decide which they prefer.

Basically what I'm saying is that at all times 50% of the world disagree with you or everything you do regardless of your intention! So instead your intention needs to be the focus on that 50% that will agree with you!

Meaning, no matter what you do, you will be both a failure and a success, so they cancel each other out, you're neither a success or a failure. You just are. 🤷🏼‍♀️

This can also be explained by the universal laws of duality/ polarity.

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