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The Founders

Lets start our journey at the beginning...

"What if I knew myself?" asked the source of all creation.

"What if I understood myself?"

"What if I could witness myself?"

And with that thought, our Multiverse was created! The who, what, when, where, why or how, are questions that generate millions different answers, and I most definitely do not claim to have knowledge or understanding of the whole truth!

The best answer I can offer you is; we are not meant to know, because if we did, the original question that Source* posed, would be answered and we would cease to exist!

So we must come to the terms with the fact, that here we are. And while we are here we may as well make the most of it!

So who or what was the first beings of our creation? These we know as The Founders. Founder meaning "fore-fathers" more "creator". The founders are/is a group consciousness, they don't take a physical form, although some have said to witness them, they are the origins of the "Mantis Beings".

This group are the over-seers of our entire multiverse, their directive is more to be passive observers than active participants, for this reason they aren't often seen or spoken of. But they are there! In fact their consciousness takes up the entirety of "empty space". But considering all physical matter in our observable universe only occupies around 0.000000000001% , the rest is "empty space", it's safe to say The Founders are Omnipresent!

Where were we... So The Founders are the first form of consciousness, and they remain non-physical, yet here we are in our physical human bodies, so how did we get to here?

The Founders first motion is what we call "Fragmentation" it allowed a piece of itself to be separated from the whole. The interesting thing about this, is it is also an expansion! you see, one- became two, meaning it multiplied/expanded, but the one became less, meaning it fragmented! This is important to remember, because even us humans, several generations down the line are still a fragmented-expansion of The Founders!

So, who or what were the first fragments of The Founders?

The answer- is Lyra! - I'll talk about them next!

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