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Why I don't "predict" the future.

I know, I'm "PsYcHiC" right? doesn't that mean I can tell you who your soul mate is, how may kids you'll have and how your cousins, brothers ex-best-friend will die?

No, and that's not because it's impossible, it's just that I'm not that kind of psychic!

So first, what actually is a psychic? Isn't that someone who predicts the future? No! the definition of psychic just means "phenomena that is inexplainable by natural laws". Psychic is the tool not the person. Meaning, it is how I read, not what I read! And, every reader is different! There are definitely those who can predict future events with accuracy!

But I'm not one of them!

For me, my focus is more on the now, what can you change now? what can you do now? what is blocking you now? Yes I will look at the future, but I prefer to focus on the more immediate future. I personally feel that looking too far in the future, doesn't help you now, and not focusing on the now, doesn't help your future!

So what do my psychic readings tell you?

My intention is always empowerment, you've come to me because you're feeling lost, confused, unmotivated, etc, me telling you who you're going to be in 5-10 years, might give you hope, but this is often short-lived as you realise, you're still stuck here and now!

So I tell you who you are now (because, often we don't even know who we are right now, let alone who we will be!) and I tell you what is blocking you, I look at your 4 bodies- emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, what negative energies are weighing you down, and what needs to happen in order to break free of these burdens! I look at your strengths, what tools you have right now that are yours, and yours alone! I look at who you will be once you let go of your fears, doubts and insecurities, so you can move forward and align to your highest path and purpose!

If that's what you need, then I'm the right psychic for you!

If it's not, that's ok too! Ask your guides to lead you towards the psychic that's right for you <3

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