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Image by Meriç Dağlı

Psychic Pen Pal

Letters from your psychic Pen Pal.

Subscription and one time purchases available.


Do you hate checking your mail box only to get bills, pizza specials and letters from Jehovahs witnesses? 


Imagine opening your mail box to find an actual wax sealed letter and when you open it you have an intuitive reading, just for you!


Now imagine- you open it you see your letter and when you pull it out some hidden treasures like dried flowers, stickers, Glitter, an Oracle card or even a small crystal tumbles out! And when you finally get to reading after checking out your freebies, you read your beautifully written, heartfelt and straight to the point reading that may make you laugh or cry, or at least feel special for a while! 


That's what it will feel like when you sign up to psychic pen pal with me!

I get to wax seal more things- because I love it! And you get to receive a wax sealed letter- because you're special, and you deserve it!

Click here to subscribe monthly. $12.12 (billed monthly.)
Click here to purchase one time only, payment of  $15.
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