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Sessions & Consultation

Holistic health refers to the idea of total or "whole" body healing. With my sessions, you can expect that all aspects of your mind-body-soul will be nurtured and nourished, in order to create true alignment between your 4 bodies- 

physical, emotional, spiritual, mental

When it comes to sessions and how they work, I prefer to book via time as opposed to service.

I do this as I am more often than not, relying on a combination of my skills and trainings to facilitate your session.

It is best if you take advantage of my free consultation offer, so that you can get a clear understanding of what methods and tools I will use for you.

Or we can just wing it, and go with the flow of your energies on any select day- meaning that I will intuitively select the services based on the energies I read from you on the day.


I also offer package deals, and pricing plans to make it more affordable for you!

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Book sessions by...

30 minute consultation

This is an initial consultation and is complimentary, free of charge.

we use this time to get to know eachother, and I work with you to understand your goals so I can devise a plan for you, based on your needs!

This can be in person or online, and I will not perform any therapy or healing at this time.

Packages and payment plans

For those who are wanting a scheduled plan, I can tailor my sessions and costs to your needs!

I believe that therapies of any kind should be affordable, and so I offer discounts on package deals, and I am also willing to offer payment plans.

packages come in 3,6 or 9 sessions, but I am also willing to be flexible depending on your needs!

1 hour session

This is my standard session, 1 hour allows 45 minutes of active therapy and 15 minutes of discussion before or after! 

As an intuitive energy reader I pick up on many subtle energies during your session, I receive this through my psychic gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance. 

I am also happy to offer bliss/relaxation sessions, that are fully for your disconnection from all things! 

1.5 hours

This longer session is great for those who want to combine counselling/coaching along with my other therapies. 

We can spend time talking through your challenges and goals, and then go in depth into your energy field to see what is there!

The longer session is also great for those who just need a bit more time out!

Some sessions- such as Regression therapy, are 1.5 hours minimum.

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