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What to expect for in person and online sessions and services
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In person Sessions

If you're not sure what you are needing I have the option for a free consultation, this allows us to get to know each other and set out a treatment plan!

In-person sessions are at my in-home treatment room, I have a therapy table and some comfortable chairs depending on your preference!

At a consultation, we discuss your needs and I will offer a written plan of action, ensuring you feel seen, heard and supported. 

For treatment sessions, I am very flexible and find most people prefer to go with the flow of whatever is present in your energy on that day. This can look like- you come in and lay down on the therapy table, I will connect our energies and set a safe and sacred circle, and I will work through my various modalities, such as crystals, sounds, reiki, using my intuition to guide me through your healing.

As a psychic intuitive I pick up on your subtle energies and can relay back to you, asking questions or pointing out the energy blockages/leaks that I am noticing. These sessions can be as active- meaning we openly discuss your energies during the session, or as calm- meaning you rest and relax while I note my findings to discuss at the end- as you like.

Once you have requested your booking online, I will be in contact, via the email you provided to confirm your day and time, you will receive further communication to remind you of your booking and anything I may need for your session.

 Online/Distance Sessions

Once you have booked your session online, I will be in contact with you via the email you provided, to confirm your booking. 

For online and distance sessions there are 2 options- you can be present for the entire session via zoom, and the session will be provided as if you were in person, with me completing treatments on your energetic body using the therapy table as a guide.

Option 2- I perform the session offline and then meet with you on zoom to discuss my findings during your session.

To understand how distance energy sessions work, see here.

For Zoom meetings I recommend you have a note book, drink of water and are in a safe and comfortable environment with low or no background noise.

Zoom Meetings are available for coaching/counselling sessions, consultations and Therapy sessions.

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 Online Services & Products

Once you have purchased your product (Report, Reading or Code) You will receive a request for the following information;

  • Date of birth

  • place of birth

  • Name at birth

  • Photos not required, but will accept if you prefer.

Once I receive this I will Email you to confirm your purchase and inform you of the expected completion date.

Most products/services take 1-2 week to be completed (please see product description for more info), there are occasionally delays (I'm a working mum-it happens!) But you can expect it will take no longer than 4 weeks!


I will be in contact with you from the email - feel free to add this to your contacts so that my emails don't end up in spam!

I do not send unsolicited messages or marketing materials! I hate those emails just as much as you!


Who is...

I am committed to providing you with the best experience! Check out my about page to get to know me and view my trainings and experience!